The world begins to arrive for eclipse, German father and daughter share their excitement

IDAHO FALLS — Here for the eclipse, Wolfgang and Anna — father and daughter from Germany — arrived in the United States Thursday. KID NewsRadio bumped into the two on Friday while they fueled their rental van at a local KJ’s Truck Stop in Idaho Falls.

“This time I want to see it from above, see it coming and going. So I picked out a point… at Shoshone.. on a hill,” said Wolfgang, who had previously witnessed an eclipse in Germany in 1999.

Teenager Anna had a different interest during their visit to the United States. “Umm… the food!” she exclaimed. When asked what kind of food, she quickly clarified, “Fast food.”

Wolfgang also added that he was impressed by the friendliness of east Idahoans. The pair were headed to Yellowstone National Park before Monday’s eclipse.