Aurora Borealis visible in East Idaho Sunday night?









EAST IDAHO — A strong solar storm could drive the visible range of the Aurora Borealis just far enough south that residents of East Idaho could view the phenomenon Sunday night and into Monday morning. According to an animated model produced by NOAA , the most likely time for seeing the Northern Lights will begin around 10pm and last for several hours into the early morning. (The forecast can change from hour to hour, so be sure to check the link regularly. )

NOAA’s animated Aurora Borealis forecast indicates East Idahoans may be able to view the phenomenon. Click to get the latest forecast.

For the best viewing conditions, of course, it’s best to get away from city lights and hope for clear skies. Additionally, flat regions where the northern sky is more broad is preferable as well. The weather forecast is calling for partly cloudy conditions through the night, so at least a portion of the sky should be visible.

The Aurora Borealis phenomenon is caused when charged particles from the sun strike the earth’s atmosphere, and produce light. The natural light show was visible in the region a few months ago.

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