Update on stabbing incident at Marsh Valley High School

ARIMO — Two Marsh Valley High School students are charged with felony aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and are suspended from school indefinitely after police say they stabbed another student during the school day Tuesday.

The two juveniles were also charged with conspiracy to commit a felony. One of the suspects was also charged with misdemeanor juvenile in possession of tobacco.

According to authorities, two 14-year-old boys were bullying another 14-year-old boy when the two juvenile suspects brandished a knife and were allegedly running the blade across various parts of the victim. The victim was stabbed in the left leg and had slashes on his arms and legs.

According to Marsh Valley High School Principal Mike Welch, the incident occurred when the three students were in class in a classroom building outside the main school building.

Welch said a small pocket knife was used. The incident took place in a corner of the room and wasn’t discovered until a teacher noticed blood on the victim’s sock. The victim was taken to the office. A school resource officer immediately located and arrested the students suspected of committing the stabbing.

The victim was taken to Portneuf Medical Center, where he received stitches before being released.

The two students remain in the juvenile detention center in Pocatello. According to Jennifer Call, juvenile prosecutor for Bannock County, the two suspects appeared at a detention hearing at Bannock County Juvenile Court on Wednesday, where they denied the charges against them. Call said they will be tried as juveniles and not adults.

Both juvenile suspects were assigned attorneys. An upcoming pretrial — in which Call will meet with the suspects and their attorneys to discuss the charges, potential resolutions or plea deals and if the case will go to trial — will be scheduled soon.

Welch says the students accused of the stabbing could face expulsion from the school.

According to Welch, parents of students at Marsh Valley High School were told in an alert about the incident that the safety of students was the school’s primary concern. They were also told that student safety was not compromised during the incident. The school was not put on any sort of lockdown or controlled access.

Call said she believes the stabbing was an isolated incident and that there’s no reason for people at the school to feel unsafe.

The incident is still being investigated by the school resource officer and the Bannock County Sheriff’s Department.