Private Investigator Says Missing Toddler Was Abducted

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EASTERN IDAHO – Private investigator Frank Vilt says he believes that missing toddler DeOrr Kunz, Jr. was abducted. Vilt told KID Newsradio Friday that he came to that conclusion because exhaustive searches, including with cadaver dogs, in the Leadore area found nothing.

“It just didn’t make sense that all the searches that took place couldn’t find any parts of human remains, clothing, nothing. They checked wolf dens, bear dens, eagle’s nests. They checked all that and nothing came up.”

The 2-year-old has been missing since July 10.

One recent development in the case was of a California boy found wandering in a motel parking lot. The boy resembled the missing Idaho boy. Vilt says he is in contact with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to get resolution.

Another tip came in on a national hotline set up by Vilt. A woman in the Idaho Falls area called in to say that she, her husband and four sons were hiking in the Palisades area. She said there was a man in his mid 50s with gray hair staring at her boys. She told Vilt the man followed them to a convenience store. He was driving a black Jeep Rubicon.

Vilt says DeOrr’s parents reported a similar-looking man inside a store in Leadore the day before their son went missing. He says the parents saw vehicle matching that description.

Vilt says the parents, the grandfather and the family friend who were on the camping trip have all been interviewed and he doesn’t believe they had any role in the boy’s disappearance.

The hotline set up by Vilt, 1-888-852-6505, has received 50 tips so far.  He said law enforcement is doing its best and he urged people to call that hotline as well. Anyone with information is asked to call the Idaho State Police’s Idaho Fusion Center at (208) 846-7676.