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    ABC/ Fred Lee(NEW YORK) -- When the season four of Scandal ended earlier this year, viewers saw Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant reunite after episodes of torturous tension. Star Kerry Washington, who portrays the political fixer, opposite Tony Goldwyn, says it's true. It wasn't a dream or a flashback -- Olitz is back together.

    Washington said on Thursday's Good Morning America fans keep asking her about a preview that shows the two in bed. The actress said expect more of that in season five.

    "At the end of last season [Fitz] said, 'Well, what do we do now?' and Olivia said, 'Whatever we want!' So I guess whatever they want is a lot of rolling around in the hay," she explained with a laugh.

    But just because the two are back together doesn't mean there won't be fireworks. "In television, we tend to think when two people come together, that's the end. But in life, when two people come together that's the beginning and so it turns out the same is true on Scandal," Washington teased.

    Washington made history back in 2012 for taking her role on Scandal, becoming the first African-American woman with a leading role on a U.S. primetime network drama since 1968. OnGMA, Washington said she's proud of the progress made on TV in regard to diversity since then.

    "When I first started, when we first started in our first season, all anybody wanted to talk about was that there hadn't been a black woman as a lead on a network show in 40 years, and now everywhere you turn there are black woman on every network championing shows," she said. "And so, if you let us in the room, we can get the job done. You just need to let us in the room."

    Scandal's season five premieres Thursday at 9 p.m. Eastern on ABC.

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