“Sushi Bandit” Nabbed at Local Eatery

The “Sushi Bandit” who’s suspected of leaving Sumisu Asian Fusion & Sushi on Monday without paying his $126 bill has been apprehended by Pocatello Police following  a similar incident at a local restaurant.

According to the Idaho State Journal, Trevor Bello, 41, of Pocatello, allegedly attempted to dine and dash at Chang’s Garden on Hiline Road Friday afternoon, but was identified by Andrea Nolan-Taylor, a server at the restaurant. Pocatello police said they’ve charged Bello with one misdemeanor count of petty theft for the incident at Chang’s and he’s a suspect in the incident at Sumisu where a patron ran out on a $126 dining bill.

Following the dine and dash at Sumisu, the restaurant posted a warning to other local eateries via Facebook about the incident and the local media covered the story.

Bello was cited and released for his connection to the Chang’s incident which carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $1000  fine.  Authorities said he could also face a second petty theft charge for the dine and dash incident at Sumisu.