Studio Cover Session: Sylvia Belford sings “Unpretty” mashup

Sylvia Belford, a local singer, sings an original mash up of songs by Jessie J, Beyoncè and TLC during a KID NewsRadio Studio Cover Session on Friday, July 6 | Sydney Jensen, KID NewsRadio

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Sylvia Belford, local singer, performed her original mashup of “Who You Are,” by Jessie J, “Unpretty” by TLC, and “Pretty Hurts,” by Beyoncè, during KID NewsRadio’s Studio Cover Session on Friday, July 6.

“I chose those three songs kind of because the message is the same,” Sylvia Belford, a local singer, told KID NewsRadio. “Every ounce of confidence that comes from you is an inside job, so you’ve got to work on yourself first to have the confidence, it doesn’t come from an outside source. So, those three songs have the message that is the same.”

In June, Belford also released, Sound of My Soul, an EP with five original songs.

“The whole idea was to spread positivity through my music,” Belford said.”I feel like that’s my medium to do that, so that’s what I did with this album.”

The positivity didn’t stop with Belford’s music though. Belford also wanted to give back to the local high school programs that gave her, her start.

“Those that go and buy the EP, we give half the proceeds to back to the music department for District 91,” Belford said.

You can watch Sylvia Belford’s full performance below: