Studio Cover Session: Makenna and Janessa Serr sing “Impossible,” by Shantelle

Makenna and Janessa Serr sing “Impossible,” by Shantelle on KID NewsRadio’s Studio Cover Session on Friday, September 7 | Dallan Babb, Rich Broadcasting

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Janessa and Makenna Serr joined KID NewsRadio’s Studio Cover Session to sing their cover of “Impossible,” by Shantelle on Friday, September 7.

The duo told KID NewsRadio they’ve sung together for years, most noted for their ability to blend their voices.

“We both love to sing,” Janessa Serr told KID NewsRadio. “We get a lot that we have really similar voices, so it works out in our favor.”

Makenna Serr said she books gigs more as a solo artist now, but they two continue to enjoy performance together.

“I just mostly perform and sing wherever I can,” Makenna Serr told KID NewsRadio. “I…love to perform like behind art sessions and put up my tips. It’s fun. It’s exciting.”

In choosing to sing, “Impossible,” by Shantelle, Makenna said she loves the feel the song brings and what it does for an audience.

“I just really love how much emotion she puts into her lyrics,” Makenna Serr said.¬† “It’s like telling a story. It’s like, it pulls out a feeling of, with the lyrics when you’re singing the song, it’s just pretty cool.”

You can view their performance below.