Studio Cover Session: Keishianna Peterson sings “Love So Soft,” by Kelly Clarkson

Photo: Sydney Jensen

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho – If you ask Keishianna Peterson about the value of music, she’ll tell you without hesitation, it’s life changing.

“I love it. It is literally the beat to my heart,” Keishianna Peterson, a local singer and vocal coach told KID Newsradio. “Honestly, I can say to you, music saved my life. Music has been a way for me to find out who I am and to not be afraid of expressing myself, the good and the bad things.”

Sharing that realization, Peterson said, is what she spends most of her days doing. After realizing the powerful role music played in her life, especially as a young woman, Peterson said she wanted to give that same gift back to the community. She spends her days teaching students in three different youth choirs at the Idaho Falls Arts Center. But, Peterson is far from home living in Idaho. A native of Florida who grew up in Jamaica, Peterson traveled to the Gem state to complete her undergraduate work over a decade ago. She said she decided to stay to “add some flavor to the community.”

Her performance of “Love So Soft,” by Kelly Clarkson is no exception.

“I went through a lot of different songs and I was just like, ‘I could just belt something out, right? Because that’s what I love to do,’ Peterson said. “But then I was like, it’s going to be 8:30 in the morning and not everyone is a morning person and I didn’t want to put people to sleep, I wanted to wake them up. That song, when I listen to it in the car, I am going all the way…I am having a great time and it makes me excited and totally jived for what I’m about to do and I wanted to give that to the people listening in.”

You can listen to can view Peterson’s full performance below.