Studio Cover Session: Jay Warren sings “Weight in Gold,” by Gallant

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho  Up and coming R&B artist Jay Warren made a stop in east Idaho on Thursday, February 14 as part of his tour with JTM (formerly James the Mormon).

Jay Warren told KID NewsRadio he’s been involved in music his whole life and his mom even shares a story about his early music aspirations

“My mom tells a story about me singing at like 18-months old trying to sing along with Whitney Houston. I don’t think I sounded as good as her, but my mom likes to say that I did,” Warren told KID NewsRadio. “Ever since then I’ve just been like writing my own songs, doing school choirs, church choirs, and then within the last like two years I’ve decided to jump full time into music, writing, recording, playing shows. Yeah, so it’s been a ton of fun. I really, really, really enjoy it.

His current sound reflects an R&B feel, but Warren said he only really labels his genre that way because he has to for distributing. Genres, he said, are becoming less and less relevant in the music world.

“R&B is like my home base, but genres are dying. There’s so much cross over between music now, which I think is amazing.”

Warren is currently on tour with his good friend, JTM and the two stopped in Rexburg for a concert on Valentine’s Day. The show is just one of several on their list after they started in Phoenix, Arizona. Being on tour, he added, is just part of his goal to see just how far music can take him.

“All the way,” Warren said. “There’s like no limit to where I think this music can take me.”

Watch Warren’s performance of “Weight in Gold” by Gallant, you can also find Warren on social media at @jywrrn.