Studio Cover Session: Abby Freeman sings “She Used To Be Mine,” by Sara Bareilles

Abby Freeman sings “She Used to be Mine,” by Sara Bareilles on KID NewsRadio’s Studio Cover Session on Friday, September 14 | Sydney Jensen, KID NewsRadio

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Abby Freeman beats to her own drum when it comes to her hobbies and interests.

The child of two athletic parents, Freeman told KID NewsRadio her lifelong love of theater and music probably surprised her parents.

“I’ve been singing probably as long as I came out of my mom,” Abby Freeman told KID NewsRadio. “My lungs have always been strong…I imagine there was a surprise when I come out tap dancing and singing, they’re like, ‘Oh crap, what do I do with this one?'”

Freeman sang “She Used to be Mine,” from the recent musical Waitress: A New Musical, written by artist Sara Bareilles, and said the song’s message is something every listener can relate to.

“I feel like this song definitely will go out to all the people out there who have struggled and have felt overlooked and who have been hurt by someone or something and I feel like it’s really relatable, especially nowadays,” Freeman said. “It’s about kind of overcoming that and realizing that you’re better than that and like, that you are wonderful and that you can do this. You can do hard things.

Watch Abby Freeman’s performance of “She Used to be Mine,” by Sara Bareilles below.