Social Media Leads to Arrest of Suspect

Pocatello, Idaho–To some, social media like Facebook and Twitter might be just something to do, but for the Pocatello Police Department it’s been a valuable tool in helping fight crime.
Last Tuesday morning, officers posted on Facebook several photos of a man suspected of illegally entering the OMNI Building. Within minutes, the post started to gain momentum in the form of likes and shares.

“A couple hours after the post went out we had received multiple calls and tips on Facebook from citizens letting us know who they thought the suspect was,” says Lieutenant Ian Nelson with the Pocatello Police Department. “We were able to reach over 10,000 people directly in a relatively short amount of time.”

Detectives began to sort through the tips and by Thursday, officers identified the suspect as 39-year-old Burke Ryan Bailey. A little after 12 p.m. on Friday, officers had Bailey in custody.

“We’d like to thank the public and especially those who helped spread the word about this case online,” Lt. Nelson said.

Bailey has been charged with five counts of unlawful entry and one count of felony telephone harassment for allegedly harassing an employee at the OMNI Building.