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12a-4a: Coast to Coast AM
4a-6a:   Wall Street Journal This Morning
6a-8a:   East Idaho’s Morning News
8a-10a: The Neal Larson Show
10a-1p: Rush Limbaugh
1p-4p:  Sean Hannity
4p-7p:  Glenn Beck
7p-10p: The Savage Nation – Michael Savage
10p-11p: Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis
11p-12a: Coast to Coast AM


12a-7a: Coast to Coast AM
7a-8a: The Idaho Farm and Ranch Show
8a-9a: Garden Life
9a-10a: Northwestern Outdoors Radio
10a-11a: Under the Hood Radio Show
11a-1p: The Columbus Travel Show
1p-4p: Glenn Beck Weekends
4p-7p: Rush Limbaugh Weekends
7p-9p: The Costa Report with Rebecca Costa
9p-12a: Coast to Coast AM


12a-7a: Coast to Coast AM
7a-9a: Kim Komando
9a-10a: Lutheran Layman League/Paid Programming
10a-11a: Grace Lutheran
11a-2p: Paid Programming
2p-5p: Sean Hannity Weekend
5p-9p: New Programming Coming Soon!
9p-12a: Coast to Coast AM