Above The Call Recognizes Scott Norman

Above the Call is a new event with Rich Broadcasting to thank law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics and others for their service.

Above the Call will take place every Wednesday and we will be honoring someone in service to thank them for all they do. You can nominate someone, if they win, they will receive a plaque with their name on it. We are excited for the opportunity to thank those that make sacrifices everyday for us.

Our first winner is Mr. Scott Norman, the Ucon Fire Chief.

The person who nominated Chief Norman, had this to say about why he nominates him:

“I volunteered for Ucon Fire for 8 years. At first Scott was the Assistant Fire Chief until Chief Johnson retired. Chief Scott Norman works tirelessly (literally) for the city of Ucon and the Fire Department. Chief Norman is a great role model for those young and old that come on to the department. The sacrifices he makes for the department are unbelievable. Hours and hours of time and money put toward the city of Ucon and he does it all for free and because he loves what he does and what the department does as a whole. I learned a lot of great life lessons from him as well as the rest of the Ucon fire department. Unfortunately I had to give up my spot on the fire department but I will forever be a fireman and consider Scott, Will, Mark, Trent and the rest of the department my extended family.”

Above the Call is made possible with gratitude and appreciation from Rich Broadcasting, Pocatello Nissan Kia and KPVI 6.