Scott Bedke on Heather Scott and other legislative business

REGIONAL – Idaho Speaker of the House Scott Bedke follows up on the Heather Scott controversy and other legislative business.

Politician Heather Scott came under fire at the beginning of 2017 when she made a comment that Idaho’s female lawmakers only get committee chairman assignments by trading sexual favors. She was stripped of her committee assignments as punishment.

“I think and I certainly hope that episode is behind us. I think that those who were involved feel that adequate apologies have been made and steps have been taken to right the wrong.”

Bedke continued to say he is hopeful that the issue is in the past and that everyone affected has learned something valuable.

 It is now a month into the legislative session and KID Radio asked Bedke about behind-the-scene issues that are currently being worked on.

“You are seeing the legislature finish up with the Rules Review process. Citizens of Idaho reinforced the process that allows the legislature to come in behind the executive branch and review all of the executive branch rules that have been created since 2016.”

The legislature is also working to make Idaho more attractive.

“We want to have more money in the classrooms…and we are making major investments in the teacher’s career ladder…There will be investments at the junior and community college levels as well as the universities to put an emphasis on work force development…we are taking a major swipe at Idaho’s income tax rates, which are among the highest in the western United States.”

All of these ideas are in hopes of making Idaho marginally more attractive so people move there to live and to start a business, and to also help the businesses that are already there.