Reed’s Dairy creates new ice cream flavor inspired by local radio hosts

Neal Larson and Julie Mason try the new flavor inspired by an on-air mix up | KID NewsRadio

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho ー There’s a new ice cream flavor at Reed’s Dairy in Idaho Falls.

The new flavor, “Neal and Julie’s Peanut Brickle,” came after KID NewsRadio host and program director Neal Larson mixed up his words one day during The Neal Larson Show and said “peanut brickle,” instead of “peanut brittle,” and “butter brickle.”

Throughout the show, Larson and his co-host Julie Mason joked about making an ice cream flavor combining the two foods, and local dairy owner Alan Reed heard their idea.

“We brought all the stuff down here in the kitchen and we actually made our own peanut brittle because we wanted something with really good flavor and we added that in the ice cream along with caramel, some butter brickle background flavoring and I think it turned out to be a pretty good flavor,” Alan Reed told KID NewsRadio.

“Neal and Julie’s Peanut Brickle” is available at Reed’s Dairy in Idaho Falls.

Watch Neal and Julie try out the new flavor in the Facebook video below: