INTERVIEW: Local pastor invites public to attend Evangelical-Mormon dialogue event










Photo Courtesy: Pastor Jeff Kennedy via Christ Community Church

Pastor Jeff Kennedy is the senior pastor at Christ Community Church in Idaho Falls. He has a BA in Biblical Literature from Northwest University, an M.A. in Religion, an M.A. in Religious Education from Liberty University. He holds the Doctor of Ministry degree from Talbot School of Theology and is finishing a Ph.D. in New Testament Literature from the University of South Africa, according to Christ Community Church.

Pastor Kennedy joined Neal Larson and Cala Curtis on KID Newsradio to discuss the upcoming event, “An Evangelical-Mormon Conversation.”

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Two prominent religious men will be sitting down in Idaho Falls to hold a public discourse about grace, God and their different faiths Thursday, June 8.

“We are of the opinion that when we don’t talk, we make up stories about each other,” Pastor Jeff Kennedy, Senior Pastor at Christ Community Church in Idaho Falls and one of the emcees for the event, told KID Newsradio. “What we want to do is not fill in the blanks, we want to hear from our LDS friends about their faith and we want them to hear from us.”

Dr. Brad Wilcox, a BYU Professor and LDS author, and Dr. Steven Crane, an Evangelical Pastor of Eagle Christian Church will be hosting An Evangelical-Mormon Conversation: Two Friends Discuss Grace, God and Their Faith.

Photo Courtesy: An Evangelical-Mormon Conversation

“Both of them are friends and they plan on just having a really cordial conversation,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy says the event is not a debate, no winners or losers. Rather, the hosts of the event hope to create a friendly climate of conversation and understanding between two faiths, a behavior he says can be applied to both religious and political conversations.

“Our main purpose is we really do want to talk about matters of faith,” Kennedy said. “I think our goal is to really model civil discourse, which seems to be absent right now…It just seems everything has become so shrill and I think what we need to do is to talk with each other and not at each other.”

The event is free, but does require tickets. Anyone can reserve tickets at or visit their Facebook page.