Podcast host praises new Pocatello city flag

POCATELLO – The man responsible for throwing the city of Pocatello and it’s flag into the national spotlight is now praising the city’s newly designed flag.

“It is a fine flag and I hope to see it everywhere next time I’m up there,” Roman Mars, host of the podcast “99% Invisible”, said in a recent episode.

Mars, who called the city’s flag the worst in North America during a 2015 TED talk viewed by over four million people, sparked a redesign process in 2016 which resulted in six final designs which the public voted on and the city approved in September 2017.

“To have Roman’s stamp of approval is icing on the cake,” said former Flag Design Ad-Hoc Committee Chair Logan McDougall. “We are excited about our new flag and appreciate his kind words.”

City officials say Mars attended the Flag Design Ad-Hoc Committee’s first meeting in April 2016 and spoke highly of the experience.

“They couldn’t have been nicer or more gracious,” Mars said. “I had a fantastic time there.”

The episode where Mars praises the new flag is available here.