Phone scam targets southeast Idahoans and their power bills

POCATELLO, Idaho — The City of Pocatello and the Pocatello Police Department are warning people about a new scam that targets people who use Idaho Power.

Authorities say the caller tells the victim they owe Idaho Power money on their power bill and tells them there is a technician in the area that will shut off their power within the hour unless immediate payment is received via prepaid debit card.

“These cards are a favorite of con artists because once they have the card number they can immediately obtain the cash on the card,” according to a city press release. “The money cannot be traced or returned.”

Authorities say the caller is very aggressive and if people are concerned they should check their account balance at, by calling 1-800-488-6150 or by visiting their office at 301 East Benton Street in Pocatello.

“There are numerous phone, mail, and email scams assaulting our community. Citizens are reminded to always check out any request and use phone numbers and emails independent of what the scammer is providing for you,” states Dianne Brush of the Pocatello Police Department.

For assistance or further information,  people can call the Pocatello Police Department, Community Services Division at 208-234-6117.