Paulette Jordan defends campaign shakeup, rebukes media coverage

Paulette Jordan answers questions from an audience at the City Club of Idaho Falls luncheon on Thursday, September 21 | Sydney Jensen, KID NewsRadio

Listen to Paulette Jordan’s full remarks at the City Club of Idaho Falls luncheon, audio courtesy KISU


IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Idaho Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan rebuked local and state media coverage while defending her recent campaign shakeup at a City Club of Idaho Falls luncheon on Thursday, September 20.

Jordan’s campaign recently lost three of it’s top campaign staffers to sudden resignations, something Jordan has said was previously planned and defended the decision to have staffers sign non-disclosure agreements.

“You all really lean on Cynthia Sewell,” Paulette Jordan said, referencing a Boise-based journalist at the Idaho Statesman. “You know, the media really lack integrity with the Statesman, it’s unfortunate. But, given that the lack of integrity has certainly misconstrued the reality of everything… I did not apply [non-disclosure agreements] in my primary. I didn’t think those were necessary. Coming through the generals, one of my senior consultants has recommended the NDA’s because they’re very common in campaigns.”

Recent staff changes, she added, provide an opportunity to build a better, more unified campaign.

“I’m very big on showing that leadership is representative of not only my campaign, but anytime there is anyone who does not stick to the good message that my campaign represents, then of course they’re going to have to look elsewhere,” Jordan said.

When asked about her stance on political issues, like healthcare and marijuana, Jordan emphasized her commitment to bettering Idaho and supporting the will of the people.

“I fully support [legalizing marijuana] because it is a natural medicine,” Jordan said. “It’s a natural alternative that has bettering folks who have seen not only a rising of health, increased health…Idaho has an opportunity to serve it’s people…because many Idahoans have asked for the legalization of medicinal marijuana for their needs, and of course to ensure that they’re not being criminalized for the use of a natural medicine that has been grown here for thousands of years.”


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