Over 2,000 attend Evangelical-Mormon conversation in Idaho Falls

Dr. Brad Wilcox and Dr. Steve Crane discuss their faiths to an audience of over 2,000 in the Idaho Falls Civic Auditorium| Photo Courtesy: Local News 8

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Two faith leaders in the LDS and Evangelical communities hosted a religious discussion entitled An Evangelical-Mormon Conversation, Thursday, June 8.

An audience of over 2,000 packed the Idaho Fall Civic Auditorium to listen to BYU Professor and LDS author Dr. Brad Wilcox and Evangelical Pastor Dr. Steve Crane discuss grace, God and their faith, according to Local News 8. Both speakers didn’t shy away from their differences, but also hoped to demonstrate people of different beliefs can have civil conversations that don’t damage friendships.

Video and audio of the entire discussion is available below:

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