New report suggests Idahoans may pay more at the gas pump this summer

Driving to your next summer vacation spot may cost more this year.

According to a new report from the Idaho AAA division, American drivers used a record 413 million gallons of fuel per day during the week ending May 26. 

“Historically, the first three weeks of June give us a pretty good idea of the level of fuel demand we can expect throughout the summer,” says Matthew Conde, public affairs manager for AAA Idaho. “Nationwide, we’re currently experiencing the typical lull after Memorial Day, but such an unprecedented spike in holiday demand will have AAA and other organizations monitoring pump prices very closely in the coming days.”

Currently, gas prices in southeast Idaho vary between $2.54 to almost $2.70 in some cities.

Information Source: Oregon/Idaho AAA | SYDNEY JENSEN, Graphic Illustration

Conde says an the particularly cold and snowy winter in Idaho this past year may also encourage Idahoans to travel more this summer and increase gas prices.

Drivers can practice fuel saving behaviors by bundling trips, avoiding stop and go traffic, and maintaining proper air pressure in tires.