New Deseret Industries location opens in Ammon

AMMON, Idaho — A new Deseret Industries location officially opened in Ammon on Thursday, March 22.

“It is pretty much double the size of what Idaho falls location was we’re so excited to be here in this community,” Brooke Yates, Deseret Industries marketing manager told KID Newsradio. “We already have great support from our Idaho falls community or excited to continue that and grow that into the Ammon area as well.”

The new store not only doubles the size of the old location, but also includes a multi-lane donation drop off center in the back of the store for the estimated 180,000 people who donate to the thrift store in east Idaho.

“We receive donations covering every possible household need,” Yates said.  “And with thousands of items added to the inventory daily, it’s a treasure hunt each time our customers visit. We often have people lined up outside our stores as we open each morning.”

But Yates also emphasized Deseret Industries is more than a second-hand thrift shop. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints owned store is first and foremost a place to give people a second chance. Yates related a story of a former police officer injured while on-duty after a semi-truck struck him. Doctors amputated the man’s leg and he lost his ability to work in the field he loved.

He lost all of his confidence,” Yates said. “It was just a devastating accident.Well, his LDS bishop referred him to Deseret Industries he actually came and started working at Deseret Industries and while he was working there, someone had donated a prosthetic leg. So, while he was on his break, off the clock. He was able to actually purchase that prosthetic leg and so he was able to like something where he can walk and not have to be a wheelchair all the time…he ended up doing amazing. He got his confidence back. He was able to actually leave DI, working as a security officer. So he’s back into the field that he loves and he’s able to support his family and do all of these things all because DI was able to to help him”

Yates said Deseret Industries also sets itself apart by offering brand new goods in addition to their normal stock of gently used items.

“We have a desert manufacturing plant in salt Lake functions just like our stores with the training program except the associate’s there are learning wood woodworking skills or, you know, the skills that they need to build mattresses and build furniture, that supply our Deseret Industry locations,” Yates said. “So, they build solid wood furniture and we have everything from beds. dressers, nightstands, mattresses pillows…We also have socks, underwear all of that kind of the staple items that you may need because we can’t all always rely on donations to provide the community everything that they need, you know, we may not have a good donation of coats that month and we have families that need coats. So we make sure that we order in those specific items like the necessities, the coats, suits, you know, socks underwear that kind of stuff so the community will always have access to those things.”

Deseret Industries is hosting their grand opening from Thursday, March 22 to Saturday, March 24. Each day, the first 500 shoppers will receive free tote bags.

You can find out more information at their Facebook page or their blog.