The Neal Larson Show Podcast – Studio Cover Session Kickoff, Anti-Groundhog Day and the FISA Memo

KID Newsradio launches a new series called Studio Cover Sessions with a performance by 13-year-old Whitney Lewis singing “Hey, Soul Sister,” while playing the ukulele. Neal gets a taste of a local hot dog specialty thanks to Dawg On Grill in Idaho Falls, while Julie eats a new kind of breakfast sandwich.

Neal voices his absolute disdain for Groundhog Day and talks about how the holiday shouldn’t even be recognized while Julie teases him about his hatred of Punxsutawney Phil. Both hosts weigh in on the upcoming Superbowl game between the New England Patriots and the Phildelphia Eagles. Towards the end of the show, Neal talks about the FISA memo release and gives his intial thoughts as Republicans release the four page memo.