INTERVIEW: “Angels were protecting my daughter”


Kera and Israel Butt joined The Neal Larson Show this morning to discuss the traumatic and rare event which happened to their 4-year-old daughter, Kelsi.

While camping near Green Canyon Hot Springs with family, little Kelsi was attacked and dragged by a 93-pound male mountain lion.

 Miraculously however, she left with no more than minor puncture wounds and bruising.

“I saw a cat during dinner and told everyone that I had seen a cat,” Kera said.

Mountain Lions are indigenous to their area, but according to experts, mountain lion attacks on humans are extremely rare.

Kera shared that belief when she added, “We just thought it was passing through we didn’t realize it was on the hunt, or we would have done something then.”

Later after dinner, Kelsi and her sister asked their mom if they could play before bedtime, and with the supervision of Kera’s cousin, the girls played just outside their campground.

When Kera heard screams she ran and it was then that she saw the mountain lion attack.

The mountain lion had little Kelsi in his mouth when Kera, along with her cousins, began screaming and running toward the cat.

Fortunately, they successfully scared the predator enough to have him drop the child and flee empty-handed.

Israel, who was in his car traveling back home when this all happened received the call and met his family at Eastern Idaho Medical Center.

Israel told Neil and Cala that he felt helpless, but that next time he and his family would be better prepared.

“We weren’t prepared…and next time I want to make our kids aware of what is going on around them a little more,” Israel said. Kera added jokingly “And I’ll make sure my husband brings a gun.”

Since the incident, the couple has recalled their story to countless news outlets, including PEOPLE magazine, and throughout them all Israel and Kera keep repeating a message of gratitude to the divine for protecting their daughter.

“Angels were protecting my daughter, I know they were,” Kera said.

The mountain lion was later located and put down for public safety issues.

Listen to the interview here: