Marsy’s Law clears Idaho Senate, heads to House


Image Courtesy: Idaho State Historical Society

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho ーMarsy’s Law has cleared the Idaho Senate.

On Monday, February 18, Senators voted 25 – 9 on the proposed constitutional amendment aimed at expanding victim’s rights by requiring notification when convicted offenders escape from probation or parole, giving victims the ability to confer with prosecutors and ensuring reasonable protection from suspects.

“This isn’t an issue about process… this is an issue about standing up for people who have been victimized,” Senator Majority Leader Chuck Winder said. “Most of the victims … that are terrorized that this would benefit are women and children. This is about our children, how we’re going to protect them.”

Senator Todd Lakey, co-sponsor of the bill, praised the Senate for passing Marsy’s Law and moving the cause of victim’s rights forward.

“I want to thank the Senate today for taking this important step toward giving crime victims in our state the safety, respect and dignity they deserve,” said Republican Senator Todd Lakey, a co-sponsor of Marsy’s Law for Idaho. “The vote today, and the fact SJR101 earned broad support, is a recognition that the time has come for all of us to do the right thing for victims of crime.”

Marsy’s Law hasn’t come without some opposition. The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance says they’re concerned about the language within the proposal and the risk it poses to Idaho’s gun rights. The proposal, he said, give a judge the ability to confiscate fire arms of the accused or their relatives under a provision to guarantee reasonable protection for the victim.

“Don’t let activist judges have the ability to “backdoor” gun control in Idaho.,'” according to a tweet by the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance. “The ISAA remains unequivocally opposed to SJR101, better known as Marsy’s Law as it is currently written. #ID2AA”

The Idaho House of Representatives will now consider the proposal.


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Idaho Second Amendment Alliance opposed to Marsy’s Law IDAHO FALLS, Idaho ー Idaho gun advocates say they’re concerned about the impact a proposed constitutional amendment could have on second amendment rights in the state. Marsy’s Law is a nationwide effort to give crime victims a more effective voice in the court process, Sen. Todd Lakey told KID NewsRadio.