NASA’s Lunar Challenge – Four Interactive Activities

Not finding enough to do for the eclipse? Try a little moon observation with NASA’s lunar challenges. With four in total, you may find your solar eclipse plans drawing closer before you know it.

You don’t need expensive equipment to participate in this slew of challenges. In fact none at all if you so desire. The challenges include simply using the Naked Eye, Binocular(s), a Small Telescope, and /or a Medium Telescope.

Don’t have binoculars or telescopes? Ask a neighbor and include them in you enthusiasm for astronomy and the solar eclipse!

Each challenge incorporates three aspects:

  1. Take a Picture (either with your phone camera, holding the binoculars up to the lens of your camera in focus of the moon, or doing the same thing with the telescope’s site piece).
  2. Identify features (use checklist found in each challenge).
  3. Finally, upload your image here.

Once you complete the steps above, you can download your own NASA Lunar Observing Challenge Certificate.

Just for fun, take a selfie of you and the August 21st Solar Eclipse and share/tag us  on social media (Facebook  or Twitter)!

NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Facebook.

Written by Rich Intern