Local Humanitarian Group Grows

By Freddy Lemmo

During a time with much turbulence throughout the country, a local organization is finding a way to do good.

In its annual report the Idaho Falls Area Humanitarian Center reported an increase in total volunteer hours, items produced and the total value of goods distributed.

According to their website, the Idaho Falls group pledge to give their time, talents and resources to care for those in need, wherever they may be. To provide for the poor and needy by giving according to what each has received from God.

The year 2015 saw increase over the 2014 year, as reflected in the following totals:

  • Total Volunteer Hours: 162,192 (52%)
  • Items Produced: 23,093 (70%)
  • Value of Goods Distributed: $783,171 (78%)

And in the year 2016, it is reported  that the numbers have increased even more with volunteer hours exceeding 192,000 hours.

The Idaho Falls Area Humanitarian Center currently has over 3,300 volunteers who serve faithfully throughout the year to make their mission come to pass.

For more information about the center and to find out how you can help visit http://ifareahumanitariancenter.org/