LDS Church readies Idaho Falls Temple for public open house

IDAHO FALLS — A few thousand have already been able to view the inside of the newly-renovated Idaho Falls LDS Temple, but church officials are preparing for well over 200,000 to attend a month-long open house that will showcase the inside of the Idaho Falls Temple to the general public in advance of the dedication, which is scheduled for June 4th. The temple was originally built and dedicated in 1945, but was in need of seismic upgrades and a number of structural and design changes to the inside.

Among the renovation effort’s highest priorities was restoration and preservation of the temple’s multiple murals, many of which are original to the 1945 construction. For those familiar with the temple, the vividness of the restored murals was impressive.

“I was thrilled to go through the temple today and to see it’s the same temple, it has not been changed, it’s been renovated and cleaned,” said Ray Hart, a local resident who attended the very first temple dedication in 1945. “The murals are much brighter again, like they were from the beginning, furnishings and all.”

Hart was 8-years-old when he attended the dedicated and met LDS Church President Heber J. Grant. He says he is thrilled with the opportunity to show the temple to friends and neighbors he’s grown up with.

“I think it’s very wonderful for our area and our community to be able to share what is the beauty and the peace inside the Idaho Falls temple,” Hart said.

Changes were also made to the administrative offices, front foyer area, and other areas inside the temple. A short video, produced by the LDS Church and gallery are below: