LARSON: Why Planned Parenthood can eat lunch while brokering baby parts

By Neal Larson

Most of us were shocked seeing the two videos of hidden camera interviews with Planned Parenthood doctors scarfing down food, sipping wine and joking about Lamborghinis all while haggling over the price of baby parts. I guess it’s the residual effect of religion that make us think crazy thoughts such as “babies are precious.” We right-wing, wacko religionists cling to a God that makes us squeamish about crushing infant skulls and cracking fetal femurs during the abortion. How could we believe in such a tyrannical God?

Yet, the process of selling baby parts is virtuous, according to Planned Parenthood, because it allows for ongoing research that will help those of us who survived the womb. Perhaps we could consider fetal tissue — skin for instance — for other purposes that benefit us: shoes, purses, maybe a lamp shade. Perhaps Planned Parenthood could even set up their own fetal taxidermy enterprise. Think about it — you could actually keep the thing but without the diapers and the crying and the feeding. Everybody wins! (Except the thing.)

Oh, there might be some with a bit of that icky God-guilt that would take offense at such options. But given enough de-programming, we’ll all be on board.

Much like during the Kermit Gosnell trial in 2013, the mainstream media reports hesitantly, if at all, and spun at that. It’s not hard to understand why. The published and broadcasted talking points throw out words and phrases like “women’s health,” “important research” and “fetal tissue.” Language like that is used to protect our delicate consciences from the more unsettling reality that we’re actually killing babies and selling their parts. We scrub the lexicon of every implication that what we’re doing — deliberately terminating one of every five pregnancies in America — may be reflected upon by future generations as another horrific chapter of humanity akin to the Holocaust, slavery and genocide.

The very same people staging their hissy fits over an old battle flag for its perceived racist undertones are selectively sedate over a third of all black babies dying by abortion. What assuages their guilt? That the specimen is being used for research? That it’s simply a matter of women’s health? The blatant hypocrisy would be hysterically comical if it weren’t about dead babies.

So why is it that Planned Parenthood doctors can sit around a lunch table, munching on their salad, tastefully presented on a delectable bed of spinach greens topped with cherry tomatoes and buttery croutons with a zesty dressing — at the very same time they quibble over the price of liver and pancreas? The short answer is because they have to. They can’t even use the indirect article when mentioning the organs, because “A” liver or “A” pancreas belongs to “A” baby.  Removing the indirect article transforms a human organ into a commodity, like kerosene or pork. Yes, it is that sick, but participating in that dark economy requires the mind to exclude innate concepts. That’s the trick to their being able to munch their lunch, sip their wine and chat it up while they barter away.

Is this not how nations and civilizations die? Life becomes disposable, broken up into commodities, sold to the highest bidder under some concocted banner of secular morality. Some lives become more valuable than others, some more worth living than others.

Planned Parenthood’s federal funding needs to end immediately. Not just because I think our federal dollars should be spent ethically, but because Planned Parenthood need to be gone. Done. Finished. … Aborted. These cheerleaders of death have monetized infanticide for too long now. This past week we saw the underbelly, and it’s not pretty, is it?

Perhaps we thought we had transcended the barbarian practices of previous, notably fallen civilizations. The Incas, Mayas and Aztecs, along with numerous eastern and ancient Biblical cultures practiced child sacrifice and infanticide. Our modern-day capacocha is called something else, and the god Tlaloc changed his name to Convenience. But make no mistake, we are doing exactly what they did, and we have not transcended even a millimeter.

Who else’s heart hurts, that we take the most vulnerable, our own children, literally and deliberately destroy them, slice them up as specimens and then monetize them to the highest bidder? God help us.

Neal Larson of Idaho Falls is a conservative talk show host on KID Newsradio 590am and 92.1fm, and also at “The Neal Larson Show” can be heard weekday from 8 to 10 a.m. His email address is