LARSON: Skipping work isn’t feminism. It’s being a lousy employee.

Wednesday, after fighting for decades to break the glass ceiling and demanding equal pay for equal work, a few thousand women across America played hooky. Nothing says “We work like men!” like skipping work. If being a lousy employee now passes as political speech, perhaps next week these same women can exert their feminist rage by napping at their desks and stealing a ream of copy paper.

Because I felt no impact from this protest whatsoever in my own orbit, I had to Google just how disruptive the “Day Without a Woman” protests were nationwide. Seems a school district here and there had to cancel classes, and a few rallies were held in big cities. But I noticed only “hundreds” turned out for the Washington D.C. rally. Hundreds? Holy crud. I could probably organize a Facebook rally for yellow snow and toilet gunk and get “hundreds” to show up; they march for about anything in D.C. Compare the hundreds of thousands of women marching on January 21st to the measly hundreds this past week, and the pink kitty-kat hat trajectory is not looking hopeful. Perhaps the short-lived era of  protests without a clear grievance is coming to an end.

Furthermore, I felt a sweet irony that on the very day that these lousy female employees were trying to land a punch on America’s economy, ADP announced in their monthly jobs report that the numbers expected under President Trump’s first full month completely shattered expectations. Instead of an anticipated 190 thousand jobs, the report predicts 298 thousand new jobs. Even Obama-favoring economists conceded that President Trump’s policy positions are creating a positive atmosphere for employment growth for men AND women. In other words, far more women are celebrating a new job this past month than showed up to protest perceived unjust gender-based vagaries.

Despite the distinct anti-Trump flavor to these protests, the President managed magnanimity, tweeting: “On International Women’s Day, join me in honoring the critical role of women here in America & around the world.” I’ll take the challenge, Mr. President, and honor the many women I work with who are empowered by their contributions and numerous examples of achievement, and not by their truancy. The truly empowered women I know are those who don’t make their gender the central theme of their lives, professional or otherwise, then leverage it against largely non-existent hostility. 

The idea of being worthless for a day to show how valuable you are is just another contradiction in a deep tradition of baked-in incongruity from the Left. Their alleged support for homosexuals — except those killed by radical Muslims. And what sort of ethical and philosophical gymnastics are required to hold simultaneous support for abortion and opposition to capital punishment? How does their love of technology mesh with their hatred of free market capitalism? Then there’s the promotion of both free expression… and campus safe spaces. I guess it seems only predictable they would think employee absenteeism is a great way to prove one’s worth.

The latest Protest of the Week appears to have been a dud. Most of America is getting tired of this parade of manufactured outrage that’s rewarded with disproportionate media attention by an activist press that thinks they are breeding a Trump insurrection. In reality, all they’re breeding by over-amplifying vague grievances of women skipping work, is an exhausted electorate and an erosion of their own credibility. 

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