LARSON: New York’s new abortion law is evil codified

Image: Lorie Shaull via Flickr (Creative Commons License 2.0)

I hope most average Americans looked on in shock as New York passed a new law that will allow women to end the lives of their own children right up until they are born — if it’s necessary for the “life or health” of the mother. In this case, “health” is defined so broadly that it is meaningless. In other words, in New York there are no protections for the unborn at any stage before they safely exit the womb. The prenatal journey for New York’s next generation just became far more perilous.

Just passing the law is bad enough, but they didn’t simply pass it. They celebrated it. Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered pink illumination for the One World Trade Center building in New York City and hailed the new law as some kind of win for women — a safeguard against an anticipated Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

For decades our society has tolerated the legally-protected destruction of a zygote, a morula, and a blastula. In an optimal uterine environment the blastula grows to an embryo, and then a fetus. These scientific terms are used to explain the gradual months-long march of two very special united cells into an actual human being, and are rarely in dispute.

There is no clear moment of consensus when the humanity switch is flipped, a bright line of demarcation between zygote and human. For many of us the mystery of our beginnings in the womb are intriguing. Important milestones happen. When nerve cells grow to allow pain. When the heart begins to beat. When enough brain cells have accumulated to create even the slightest sense of awareness. It is in these foggy and ethereal moments that some see ethical dilemmas. But others feel the creative hand of God.

When the governor of one of our nation’s most prominent and important states celebrates allowing the deliberate death of innocent fully-grown babies, it is heart wrenching. I would have wept if I had not seen this day coming. But I have seen it coming for quite some time. We all have. Progressive ideology previously created arbitrary limits to their willingness to end innocent life. We were told abortion would be limited to the first trimester. They assured us they wanted abortion to be rare, but safe. Remember all that?

But they methodically eliminated those limits — always draped with their manufactured virtue and under the banner of “reproductive rights.” No amount of this artificial virtue can offset the real evil of killing innocent children for “health” concerns that can be asserted on a whim.

The way Cuomo’s regime will allow these children to be killed involves injecting the baby with poison. The child will writhe and agonize for a couple of days inside its egg donor’s own body while it dies. Once dead, the child is delivered anyway. Let that settle in. They are delivering the baby anyway. If that is not evil, I do not know what is. The baby does not just vaporize. It has to be delivered either way. I wondered for a long time why anyone would make a deliberate choice to deliver a dead baby instead of a healthy one. I find myself at a loss.

It doesn’t take a visionary to see even darker days ahead for the most innocent. Five years ago, in the midst of the Kermit Gosnell trial, I wrote a column about society’s incremental toleration — now celebration — of infanticide. I predicted that Gosnell will one day be hailed a hero as a progressive reproductive rights trailblazer. A willingness to kill newborn children is rising in the most despicable corners of the progressive movement. The in-utero standard is just another arbitrary limitation kept in place only until it is politically feasible to remove it.

Women devoid of their instinct to mother and nurture are most certainly capable of allowing the deliberate killing of high-maintenance newborns with Down Syndrome, autism, physical disability, or maybe just a biological sex they don’t prefer. We’ve leaped from first to second to third trimesters. We’ve shifted from “safe and rare” to “unrestricted.” After we morphed from “heartbreaking decision” to “Shout your abortion!” —  that minor issue of being either in, or out, of the womb won’t be that big of a hurdle.

Many a despot have proven that the human mind can go anywhere it needs to in order to eliminate the undesirables, and it always includes a rationale that the victims of their killing are not really actually completely human.

We might wake up to this horrific reality now codified into law. Or, we might not. If we don’t, the dystopian hell we’ve been fearing is already here.

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