KID Newsradio says goodbye to radio personality, Cala Curtis









IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — KID Newsradio host, Cala Curtis, said goodbye to her listeners Friday, June 30 following an announcement she’s moving to full-time work in marketing for a group of medical clinics in southeast Idaho.

Cala Curtis listens as callers say goodbye during her final show on Friday, June 30 | SYDNEY JENSEN, KID Newsradio

“It’s hard to express how invaluable Cala has been to KID NewsRadio for the past six years, as both a news producer and my morning radio sidekick,” Neal Larson said. “But to me, she’s just been a great steady friend, one of my greatest friends, and while I completely understand her taking this opportunity, she leaves behind a void that’s impossible to replace.”

Cala Curtis has been a co-host on the Neal Larson show on KID Newsradio for six years. She began working at Rich Broadcasting writing news and scheduling guests for Neal Larson, before transitioning to the radio personality listeners know and love today.

Neal and Cala during Cala Curtis’ last show on KID Newsradio. Cala Curtis has been a co-host for 6 years | SYDNEY JENSEN, KID Newsradio

“You’ve touched so many people Cala,” Rich Broadcasting Market Director, Delyn Hendricks said on the radio program, Friday. “We’ve so appreciated you, you’ve been such a pro…but, in radio, you never say goodbye because you always seem to come back together sometimes.”




Callers Say Goodbye To Cala Curtis


Since beginning work at KID Newsradio, Neal and Cala have participated in events such as the Primary Children’s Radio-thon, hosted several debates and taken thousands of listener phone calls, conducted hundreds of interviews and warmed the heats of all southeast Idaho.

“The last six years have been exciting and rewarding in every way,” Cala Curtis said. “I have loved being on KID Newsradio and being a part of the lives of so many amazing people across southeast Idaho. I have been so blessed to work with talented and dedicated people, especially Neal Larson. He is a true friend and a talented colleague and I so appreciate the six-year journey we have been on together. I have been lucky to have a job in news that I have loved. Thank you also to all of our listeners who have been so kind to me over the years. They have inspired me every day and are people who love our country and who do so much good in our community. KID has the absolute best listeners in the world. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”