KID Newsradio’s Election Coverage Round Up: Legislative Races

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — KID Newsradio’s election coverage continues with another round up of interviews and stories across several legislative districts in the state.

Editor’s Note: This is not a comprehensive list of stories and interviews as some interviews are still pending. Continue to follow KID Newsradio for continued and updated election coverage.

Idaho Legislative District 30

INTERVIEW: Local, retired BYU-Idaho professor seeks to unseat Jeff Thompson

Idaho Legislative District 31

INTERVIEW: Idaho House Representative talks new bill aimed at updating 1970’s Idaho sex ed law

INTERVIEW: Represenative Julie Van Orden discusses re-election campaign, sex education bill

Bingham County legislative candidates vie for votes during Republican forum

Idaho Legislative District 32

East Idaho man launches bid to unseat Idaho Representative Tom Loertscher

Idaho Legislative District 34

INTERVIEW: Representative Ron Nate discusses bid for re-election to Idaho Legislature

Representative Ron Nate and legislative candidate Doug Ricks spar at Republican forum

INTERVIEW: Elaine King talks bid for Idaho legislature

Idaho Legislative District 35

INTERVIEW: Representative Karey Hanks discusses second amendment stance, gives wildlife overpass update and weighs in on Idaho healthcare