KID NewsRadio welcomes Julie Mason, five things to know










Julie Mason was recently hired as a news producer/co-host on KID NewsRadio

IDAHO FALLS — If you listen regularly to KID NewsRadio during the mornings, you’ve probably heard a new voice. Julie Mason was hired by the company as a news producer and co-host last month. Despite having no prior radio experience, Mason has been welcomed warmly by listeners. A long-time resident of east Idaho with a degree in journalism from what was then known as Ricks College, Mason has warmed up to the airwaves as Neal Larson’s sidekick. Here are five things to know about Julie:

#1 – Loves to read and travel to have new experiences. Julie loves traveling to the big city whether it’s New York or Tampa, and prefers new experiences over material.

#2 – Believes “baking and dogs heal people’s souls.” Julie owns a nine-year-old Chiweenie named “Q” that she adores. She also loves baking for others and has a weekly cookie night on Sundays and jokes that she’s going to “bake her way into Heaven” in order to offset frustrated hand gestures she occasionally makes at a roundabout.

#3 – Mother/wife — Julie is a wife of 24 years and the proud mother of three children. Julie believes every major decision she’s made has been to benefit her three children, one of which is married, another engaged, and the youngest is getting ready to graduate from high school. Julie is grateful to her loving husband, a local business owner, for supporting her in everything she does.

#4 – Two months younger than Neal Larson. Julie insists that she will remind Neal of that fact, and often.

#5 – Life mantra “Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.” Julie didn’t start her own business until she was 43, made a serious career change at 44, and believes it’s important to keep trying new things.