Investigation Into Murder Of Angie Dodge Continues

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho: Renewed local interest in the 1996 Angie Dodge homicide investigation has prompted the Idaho Falls Police Department to assure the public that the investigation into the murder of Angie Dodge continues.

“Our investigation in the death of Angie Dodge is not over,” Idaho Falls Police Chief Mark McBride said. “It will never be considered a closed case until after we have identified and brought all involved to justice.”

Christopher Tapp was convicted in the murder of Angie Dodge by a court of law in 1998. Mr. Tapp has filed three appeals. Two upheld his conviction and one was dismissed by the court. He currently has another appeal pending in court. In a prison interview in 2006, Mr. Tapp again admitted to investigators to being involved in the crime.

However, based on DNA evidence located at the crime scene 19 years ago, we know there is at least one additional unidentified suspect. Therefore, the investigation is still ongoing. Over the years, detectives have followed up on multiple leads and potential suspects, utilized new technologies and involved multiple outside crime scene and homicide experts – all in hopes of finding the additional person or persons responsible for the death of Ms. Dodge. We will continue to employ these tactics, follow-up on leads and dedicate time and resources until all involved are brought to justice.

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