INTERVIEW: Tommy Ahlquist discusses bid for Idaho governor’s seat

Tommy Ahlquist talks with voters at an event on Wednesday, May 9 | Sydney Jensen, KID Newsradio

Listen to KID Newsradio’s interview with Tommy Ahlquist

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Tommy Ahlquist talked gave the latest updates on his campaign for governor with primary election day just around the corner.

“I feel great,” Tommy Ahlquist, candidate for Idaho governor, told KID Newsradio. “I think it’s going to be tight. I mean, there’s three of us going hard at this, we all want it. We’ve all got our message out there, the lanes are clear and I think the voters decide and that’s what’s beautiful about our country and our state is it’s our voters who get to go out and make this decision.”

Even as the campaigns are winding down in anticipation of the final vote on Tuesday, May 15, there’s still plenty of accusations and political mudslinging hanging in the air. Ahlquist said he is among those who are “turned off,” by the negative political advertising that has been so prevalent in this most recent election season.

“No one’s more turned off by it than me and my family,” Ahlquist said. “We’ve been at it for 16 months. The negativity towards me and my family is not new. I mean, we’ve been attacked for 16 months. People handing stuff out, lies, outright lies, for a long time.”

Ahlquist cited an “era of super PACs,” as one reason the negative campaigning seems to be ramping up and recognizes many Idahoans are tired of the sharp political bantering.

“It’s negative, I think people are fatigued with it,” Ahlquist said. “I would just have people go and look through all the stuff that comes out. Every single day I hear a new one, I mean, literally, every single day I hear a new thing about me and…the ads we have up now for the last three weeks have been all positive, I think our messaging [has] been positive, I think we’ve been out and about with the people. I mean, there’s what happens on TV and there’s all of this stuff going on and then there’s what’s happened in the field for 16 months and I think voters are going to see through all of this.”

The primary election is on Tuesday, May 15.