INTERVIEW: Senator Tony Potts talks bid for re-election to Idaho Legislature, clarifies campaign finance accusations

Image Courtesy: Tony Potts via Facebook

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — With less than a week away from the Idaho primary elections, things are heating up in the race for Idaho Legislative District 33 Senate race.

Among the campaign efforts are responding to recent revelations about how Senator Tony Potts has been spending campaign money. Senator Potts confirmed he did use campaign money for things like rent and food, but all of those charges, save one, were legal and reported.

“We reviewed all the sunshine laws, everything was in line except for that YMCA charge, that was a miscommunication between me and the treasurer,” Senator Tony Potts told KID Newsradio. “We got that taken care of. There was an amended report filed immediately yesterday and so we got that all taken up.”

Potts said the media was “making a story out of a non-story,” and noted little attention had been given to how often he’s run bills on behalf of constituents since his appointment to the Idaho Legislature.

“The interesting thing about the campaign funds is they chose to come after me, but there was somebody in the county…you know, somebody that’s running for legislature that didn’t even submit a report. It wasn’t available yesterday and they didn’t talk about that. So, it’s kind of a witch hunt, I’m not sure why they’re choosing to go on it now. But, we’re confident where we’re at.”

Potts also said he talked with his donors and none of his donors have expressed concern over the expenditures or news about how he’s used his campaign funds.