INTERVIEW: Senator Mike Crapo talks post-election legislative efforts

Image Courtesy: Senator Mike Crapo

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Elections are over and Congress is now turning it’s attention the impending, shifting dynamic in the United States House of Representatives come January 2019.

“Obviously, we on the Republican side all wish that we weren’t facing a complete change in dynamics in January because it actually impacts the ability of reaching conclusion on some of the bills that the new Democratic majority in the House might refuse to make a compromise on,” Senator Mike Crapo told KID NewsRadio. “So, we’re looking for those areas where we can find agreement on legislation that will move forward.”

Some of those issues, Senator Crapo said, include tackling the farm bill and prison reform. But, the battle has already begun for many key pieces of legislation likely to be tabled when Democrats take control of the House of Representatives next year.

“There’s the big battle of finishing the appropriations,” Crapo said. “We’ve got about 80 percent of them done, but there may be just a refusal on the part of some to go along, and President Trump is insisting that funding for border security finally be included, and so we’ll have that fight.”