INTERVIEW: Senator Mike Crapo talks Kavanaugh nomination, nuclear energy bill

Image Courtesy: Senator Mike Crapo

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Senator Mike Crapo weighed in on the current state of the effort to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States, and talked about a nuclear energy bill in Washington, during an interview with KID NewsRadio on Wednesday, September 12.

The SCOTUS confirmation hearings in the Senate were filled with controversy and protests after police officers arrested dozens of individuals for disrupting the proceedings. Democrats also made headlines as Senator Corey Booker, among others, released committee documents and grilled Kavanaugh on his beliefs about abortion and other political issues.

“In that way it was not a change from tradition,” Senator Mike Crapo told KID NewsRadio. “However, the content of it was clearly the strongest, most aggressive effort to stop a Supreme Court nomination that I’ve seen for a long time, maybe one that ever has happened…We expect…that we will see motions to adjourn the whole process in the committee and battles over procedure that really are taking Supreme Court nomination battles into a new era.”

Still, Crapo said he is confident the Senate will approve Kavanaugh, amid opposition from Democrats in the Senate, in time for the judge to take his place on the Supreme Court for the next session.

“The expectation is, the hope is to be able to have the final vote of confirmation before October 1st, and hopefully a number of days before October 1st. October 1st is an important date because that’s when the next supreme court session begins and we would like to have him confirmed, so that he can begin right at the outset of that session,” Crapo said.

Aside from debates and contention over Kavanaugh’s nomination, Crapo said he’s working on bills to help strengthen the nation’s focus on nuclear energy.

“It focuses on, in this case, on developing the commitment and the structure for a focused leadership toward the objectives that are identified in the process of moving forward and essentially facilitating the process, if you will, of getting from A to Z and getting results,” Crapo said. “We also have two other bills that are in the process now, in fact, one of them reforms the regulatory procedures…so, that we’re trying to look at it from three or four different directions.”