INTERVIEW: Senator Mike Crapo talks about Arizona congressional election results, Idaho gubernatorial race and the latest on Trump’s immigration ban

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Primary election season is well under way across the United States and Senator Mike Crapo is keeping an eye on races both within his home state and across the nation.

After Republicans won in a special congressional election in Arizona by single digit percentage points, Senator Crapo said he considers it a good victory, despite the close margins.

“I know there’s a lot of talk about the fact that the Republicans should win that by double digits,” Senator Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) told KID Newsradio. “Certainly the Republicans wish they would have won that with a bigger margin and I know that all the spin is now going to be out there, ‘Well, you know, the Republicans didn’t do as well as they should have.’ The way I look at it, there was like a million dollars worth of attack ads thrown into that campaign for that seat and that kind of changed the whole dynamic and in the end, the Republicans won the seat. I think that’s what counts.”

Back at home, the gubernatorial race continues to heat up as candidates on both sides of the aisle work to win the most voters on May 15. Senator Jim Risch recently endorsed Lieutenant Governor and gubernatorial candidate Brad Little, but Senator Crapo says he doesn’t plan to throw his support behind any one candidate for the primaries.

“At the very beginning of the race, I said to each of the three candidates, each of whom is a good personal friend of mine, that because of my personal friendships with each of them, I was going to sit this one out,” Senator Crapo said. “Since that time I’ve talked to a lot of Idahoans. I’m not sure there’s a good understand right now as to who’s going to win or what the status of that race is.”

The Idaho gubernatorial election isn’t the only thing Senator Crapo said he’s having a hard time predicting. As the Supreme Court meets to decide how it will rule on President Donald Trump’s proposed travel ban, Senator Crapo said he can only reference how he thinks the court should rule.

“I beileve that the court should have ruled in [President Donald Trump’s] favor the first time,” Senator Crapo said. “You’ll recall he was challenged not so much on the basis of the substance, but on an allegation that he had improper religious motivation against Muslims in his order and the reality is that the nations that were subjected to this ban were the very same nations that Barack Obama had identified, that the Congress had identified and that were violating our immigration laws in ways that needed to be banned. I got to believe that unless the court can accuse the President of not liking somebody and invalidate a legal action of the President for that reason alone when all of the other evidence and indication is there that it’s something that should be done, then I got to believe the Supreme Court will back it. But, I don’t know.”