INTERVIEW: Senator Mike Crapo discusses Trump’s comments in Russia, gives update on Supreme Court nomination

Image Courtesy: Senator Mike Crapo

Listen to KID NewsRadio’s interview with Senator Mike Crapo


IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Senator Mike Crapo discussed President Donald Trump’s latest and controversial comments at the Russia summit, and gave an update on the Supreme Court nomination process, on KID NewsRadio on Wednesday, July 18.

Obviously a lot of people have raised concerns about two things he said in the press conference,” Senator Mike Crapo told KID NewsRadio. “Comments that he made about the intelligence community in the United States and the question of whether Russia has interfered with our elections. But, he has made it clear over time, many times on both issues that he supports our intelligence community and that he acknowledges Russia interfered with our elections.”

Senator Crapo acknowledged Trump did misspeak at the press conference, but added many people are not allowing the President to clarify his statements.

There are those out there claiming every possible thing that you could dream up,” Senator Crapo said. “I saw yesterday, a clip on one of the news media outlets of eight or 10 different speeches that he’s made where he has said that he supports the intelligence community. So, it is correct that he did misspeak in the press conference, but I think that there are those who would not like to let him correct that.”

Also facing intense scrutiny is President Trump’s most recent pick for the Supreme Court. Senator Crapo said Congress is preparing to review Brett Kavenaugh.

“We’re at that stage where all the paper work is being collected,” Senator Crapo said. “The FBI does an evaluation, document productions are made of documents that the judiciary committee requires and those steps are aggressively underway. At the same time, the committee itself, the judiciary committee is going through the necessary pre-preparations to set up the hearing and to prepare to move forward on how it will work.”