INTERVIEW: Senator Mike Crapo discusses security clearances, farm bill and Kavenaugh nomination

Image Courtesy: Senator Mike Crapo

Listen to KID NewsRadio’s interview with Senator Mike Crapo


IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Senator Mike Crapo discussed recent political headlines surrounding President Trump’s potential revoking of security clearances and a dust up over Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, on Wednesday, July 25.

“Those who have retired or moved on, particularly from some of those very high management positions, retain their security clearance, but they are only allowed to utilize it on a need-to-know basis,” Senator Mike Crapo told KID NewsRadio. “I personally don’t have a lot of confidence in a number of these people. I think that their actions have raised a question about whether they are extremely biased and I think the President’s threat, in terms of looking at this, is an effort to highlight the fact that they may not have been towing the right line, if you will, or keeping the kind of straight balance in their conduct.”

Sen. Crapo added he doesn’t think those people at risk of losing their security clearance pose any major risk or have access to anything the government hasn’t intentionally allocated to them.

I think that they probably don’t have access to anything that they don’t want to let them have access to anyway,” Sen. Crapo said. “So, I don’t think it’s a big deal.”

On Sen. Crapo’s mind are other issues, including a nomination for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that caused a recent political dust up. At the foundation of the argument, Sen. Crapo said, is precedent established by former President Barack Obama who created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and implemented few restrictions on how the bureau operates.

Now, there’s a new president and he’s nominated a new nominee and the battle was over whether President Trump can take control over that agency by putting his nominee in there,” Sen. Crapo said. “So, we had a really big fight, and in the end we went forward, held our hearing and we’re going to move forward with a vote on Kathy Kraninger, who is the nominee, in the next couple weeks.”

Debates over nominations aren’t just in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau either. As Congress begins the process of vetting President Trump’s nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States, Sen. Crapo said the criticism and skepticism about Judge Brett Kavenaugh are in full force.

There is one new dynamic here, and that is that because he’s probably the first judge nominated to the court who’s literally he spent his whole career in the more modern technology world that we have,” Sen. Crapo said. “The number of documents email and other type documents that he’s touched because or have potentially been touched by him…results in literally millions of potential documents…it presents an opportunity for the left to try to dig into documents of the previous Bush administration, and I think we’re going to see a document battle in this nomination process.”