INTERVIEW: Senator Jim Risch talks Trump’s U.N. speech, Kavanaugh hearing

Photo Courtesy: Jim Risch

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Idaho Senator Jim Risch weighed in on the recent statements by President Donald Trump at the U.N. and the latest on the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, on Thursday, September 27.

“[Brett Kavanaugh’s] accused now of very serious crimes, attempted rape, sexual assault, gang rape or facilitating gang rapes,” Senator Jim Risch told KID NewsRadio. “We have a process for this. It’s called the constitution and the due process clause. The center part of that for Americans is that a man’s presumed innocent until he’s found guilty, and the way you find someone guilty as you examine the evidence at the end of the evidence, if you think maybe he didn’t, he’s acquitted. If you think, ‘Well, he probably did it,’ he’s acquitted. At the end of the day, if indeed the evidence is such that it has been shown beyond a reasonable doubt…and of course the facts are determined to be true.”

Sen. Risch said there appears to be no such adherence to the principles of due process as social transitions now favor a rush to judgement one way or another.

“I mean the argument is all over the social things that are going on in America today, who should be believed in, who shouldn’t be believed,” Sen. Risch said. “Well, look it’s not a matter of who should or shouldn’t be believed. It’s a matter of when an accusation’s made you follow it through the constitutional process we have and make a determination. That’s just flat gone, it’s totally political.”