INTERVIEW: Senator Jim Risch talks Kavanaugh confirmation, mid-terms

Photo Courtesy: Jim Risch

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Washington D.C. is calming down some after an explosive few weeks during the confirmation process for now Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

“It’s just disgusting to watch this, that the other side was so uncivil and so angry, and so vitriolic,” Senator Jim Risch told KID NewsRadio. “They brought crowds, angry people here to the Capitol and I’m not exactly sure what the objective of that is for the people themselves.”

The chaotic confirmation process kicked off in the Senate Judiciary Committee, growing from disruptive protesters to allegations of sexual misconduct from Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford. Despite the tension, Risch said he feels confident the Senate did the right thing in confirming Justice Kavanaugh and the American people seem to agree.

“It was what it was, and it got worse and worse, and we said, ‘Look, we’re doing the right thing here. We’re going to do it,” and most of us believed that at the end of the day it was probably not going to service very well politically because it was so obnoxious,” Risch said. “It’s just been breathtaking as far as what’s happened to our numbers nationally. We did the right thing and the electorate is aware of that, and if the election were held today, good things would happen.”

Now Washington D.C. and the nation is turning it’s attention to the upcoming mid-term elections where Democrats hope to gain the upper hand in the legislative branch.

“It’s hard to say because a lot of these races are close. We pulled ahead in ones that we were a little concerned about,” Risch said. “It’s three weeks plus from here to the election and the way things move today with a 24 hour news cycle or that sort of thing, there are a lot of green between here and the goalpost yet.”

Still, Risch said he sees Republicans doing well on November 6, despite a few worrisome weeks.

“We feel good where we are,” Risch said. “If you would have asked me a few weeks ago, I’d have said, ‘You know, I don’t like the direction this thing’s going,’ but we sure liked the way the direction is going on right now.”