INTERVIEW: Senator Jim Risch talks immigration, 2018 election cycle

Senator Jim Risch talks with Neal Larson and Julie Mason during the 2018 Hold Their Feet To The Fire broadcasting in Washington D.C. | Neal Larson, KID NewsRadio

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WASHINGTON D.C. — Idaho Senator Jim Risch discussed immigration reform and the upcoming election cycle during an interview with KID NewsRadio on Thursday, September 6.

“We’re cautiously optimistic as far as the Senate’s concerned,” Senator Risch told KID NewsRadio. “They’ve got 23 up and we’ve got nine up. For them to flip the Senate, they’ve got to knock off two of ours and they’ve got to run the table on all of theirs. Their problem is they’ve got about 10 of them running from states that the Trump won. Florida’s in play, Indiana’s in play, Missouri’s in play. So, there’s,you know, we’re cautiously optimistic about hanging on to the Senate.”

Senate and House seats have been hotly contested amid a push from Democrats to flip both legislative houses in defiance of President Donald Trump and the Republican agenda. Senate seats, he said, have a decent chance of remaining in Republican control. Some polls have indicated the House of Representatives could flip, but Risch said he doesn’t see that happening in 2018.

“I’m not necessarily buying into the conventional wisdom that the House will flip and you can’t go by polls anymore, you know, as you know, I’ve done this all my life,” Risch said. “We’ve always, we’ve lived and died by polls. But, you know after this last election and the fact that the culture is different.