INTERVIEW: Senator Mike Crapo talks data collection protections

Image Courtesy: Senator Mike Crapo

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho ー Senator Mike Crapo believes Americans have a right to know what data companies, organizations and government agencies are collecting on them.

“I think Americans are becoming increasingly aware, but I don’t think sufficiently aware yet, that the data about their lives is being collected in multiple ways by entities, companies, and sometimes government agencies to analyze their lives and then, in my opinion, to absolutely violate their privacy and even tried to manipulate them,” Senator Mike Crapo told KID NewsRadio.

In late January 2019, Senator Crapo wrote a column expressing his concern for the overall lack of privacy protections Americans now experience. The continual reports of data breaches and undisclosed data collection policies only continue to worry the senator who sees the increased use of collected data to target consumers as offensive.

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“It’s being used, in my opinion, to manipulate and frankly, it’s offensive,” Sen. Crapo said. “I believe that a person ought to have a right to know what data has been collected on them by any entity, to ask or demand that that data be removed.”