INTERVIEW: Senator Brent Hill weighs in on Rexburg car booting controversy









Photo Courtesy: Idaho State Legislature

Senator Brent Hill (R-Rexburg) represents District 34 in the Idaho State Legislature and also serves as the Idaho Senate’s President Pro Tempore. He recently spoke in a Rexburg City Meeting about state statutes and car booting. Senator Hill joined KID Newsradio to give background on the issue and what Idaho code says about the practice. 

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REXBURG, Idaho — The Rexburg City Council will meet Wednesday, July 26 to discuss an ever controversial topic in the city: car booting.

The current attention sparked when Madison County Deputy Prosecutor Rob Wood argued Idaho statute prevented the practice of booting cars parked on private property without proper permits.

Now Idaho State Senator Brent Hill and the Deputy Attorney General for Idaho says blaming Idaho code for the decision to ban booting isn’t necessarily correct.

“I contacted the Deputy Attorney General’s office,” Senator Brent Hill (R-Rexburg) told KID Newsradio. “The Deputy Attorney General responded to an email stating that well yeah, that’s what the law says, but there’s some pretty important exceptions that aren’t being cited here, one of them being the rights of the property owner.”

Since that response, the Rexburg City Council has reinstated booting while they conduct a working group to study the issue of car booting in Rexburg. Meanwhile Senator Hill says he’s considering bringing the issue up in next year’s legislative session to clarify and include booting as acceptable in Idaho code.

“Booting is less invasive than towing,” Sen.Hill said. “If towing is permitted, then certainly booting ought to be permitted.”

Concerns about predatory booting, Sen. Hill says, can be addressed by monitoring how closely apartment owners and managers are following protocol detailing booting companies shouldn’t simply patrol to find violators. Sen. Hill said apartment managers instead need to be involved in the booting process by making the call themselves.