INTERVIEW: Senator Bob Nonini discusses bid for Idaho lieutenant governor




Image Courtesy: Senator Bob Nonini

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Senator Bob Nonini discussed his bid for Idaho lieutenant governor on KID Newsradio on Tuesday, May 8.

With the primaries just a week away, Senator Nonini said he feels really optimistic about how his campaign is going.

I’m excited,” Senator Bob Nonini told KID Newsradio. “I love Idaho. I’m a native of Idaho. I grew up in a little town in the north part of the state, but been traveling the state for the last seven months and it’s going really well. I’m just excited to meet so many new people in Idaho and what everybody thinks about the state.”

Senator Nonini has already set himself apart from his opponents in his decision to throw his support behind one gubernatorial candidate: Brad Little. But, Senator Nonini said his support stems from a commitment he made almost two years ago and is not a reflection of particular dislike of any other gubernatorial candidate.

“Brad Little called me in July of 2016 and the first candidate  in the governor’s race to announce and I’m assuming he was calling friends in the Senate to see if we would support him,” Senator Nonini said. “I made that decision two years ago now and I’m not going to go back on my word. Now, at that point I hadn’t made any decision to run for Lieutenant Governor, but I made the commitment, as I said, July 2016, I’m going to stick to my commitment, stick to my word, but I’m good friends with Raul. I think the world of Raul Labrador, served with him in the Idaho legislature for four years and also have got to know Tommy Ahlquist quite well over the campaign time, great guy, super personality and so, I like them all, but my commitment as I said was made in July 2016 and I’m sticking with that.”

When it comes to political issues Senator Nonini is passionate about, he said he hopes to continue to empower Idahoans with education choice in the state.

My position in education, whether that’s public education, like promoting there STEM, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or career technical, my support of homeschooling, my support of charter schools, my support of private schooling,” Senator Nonini said. “It’s the most important thing we do in Idaho and the public still believes that education is a number one priority ahead of the environment, ahead of the economy…and I would like to be a champion for education and parental choice in my time.”

The primary election is Tuesday, May 15.