INTERVIEW: Representative Ron Nate discusses bid for re-election to Idaho Legislature

Ron Nate speaks to voters during a Republican forum in Rexburg | Photo: Sydney Jensen, KID Newsradio

Listen to KID Newsradio’s full interview with Ron Nate.

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — It feels like political deja vu for some.

Representative Ron Nate and Doug Ricks are once again facing off for Idaho Legislative District Seat 34A, just like the two did in 2016. In the last election Ricks lost by a slim margin, 167 votes to be exact. In a recent forum, Ricks turned up the heat and lodged several accusations against Representative Nate. But, Representative Nate said the claims, especially as it pertains to his views on education, are the result of a misunderstanding.

“As far as education spending, I voted for increasing education spending in classrooms and teachers every year,” Representative Ron Nate told KID Newsradio. “I have a plan to actually increase spending through the state level. My opponent misunderstands that bill…I would encourage him to go back and read the bill because what the bill does is it says, we’re not going to federal dollars anymore which come with huge strings, I call them chains attached to them, and we will use state funding instead, increase funding to education, pay for it with state dollars instead and then have our education freedom.”

Under Representative Nate’s plan, he said, Idaho could cut ties with programs like Common Core.

“The only reason we are tied to Common Core and the SBAC test is because the federal government threatens to take away our small portion of our education funding,” Representative Nate said.”If we took on that responsibility ourselves, we could fund education completely with state dollars, we could fund it better and then we would have our freedom back.”

If elected, Representative Nate said he plans to continue tackling education funding and reducing taxes.

“There’s a lot of work to do,” Representative Nate said. “We have an active agenda and I have a lot of friendly colleagues that are ready to work together with me to get it done.”

The primary election is May 15th.